Optimal Outcomes

Free Yourself from Conflict at Work and Home

An award-winning conflict consultant shows us how to achieve freedom from conflict when collaboration seems impossible.

“With engaging real-world examples and a proven method, Optimal Outcomes will transform how individuals and organizations approach conflicts of all kinds.”

Doug Stone and Sheila Heenco-authors of the New York Times bestseller Difficult Conversations

“Brimming with science-backed good advice, Optimal Outcomes will free you from the hidden patterns and shadow values that make conflict so difficult to resolve. A liberating approach that can change your life.”

Daniel L. Shapiro, Ph.D., Director, Harvard International Negotiation Program and author, Negotiating the Nonnegotiable

“Optimal Outcomes provides a simple but powerful method for dealing with breakdowns that seem unresolvable.”

—Erica Ariel Fox, President, Mobius Executive Leadership and author of the New York Times bestseller Winning from Within

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Optimal Outcomes will be released February 25, 2020

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